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An example of recommended reading:

5 Quick Ways to loose money…….and fast !

Time proven and historically rehearsed methods of fast loosing money are here. The Financial magazines, pink newspapers, broker on the street and the business TV channels are full of ideas on how to make quick money ( wonder why don’t they do it themselves ) but here is a guide to do ( rather not to ). Just follow these simple 5 methods:
Follow the neighbor: More often than not, we tend to be ‘ led’ than ‘ leading’ when it comes to financial investments. The value-picks of nicest commercial property in town, the sure method of investment multiplication, the greatest mutual fund ever, the best stocks to pick are often over-heard and (sadly ) implemented without detailing and analysis as where do they fit your own ‘big-picture’. Investment Planning merits detailed planning and a right element of risk, return and time horizon. I am doing it because someone else is doing it. If you want to loose money, this step is highly recommended.

Buy many policies: This method will not be as quick but with more surety and in a (in)disciplined long term manner. Several Policies do not mean a large life cover necessarily. They only mean that you will be paying Policy Administration Charges , Fund Management Charges, Mortality Charges and Service Tax on all of these ! The auto-debits and your work avalanche is unlikely to leave you with enough time to count your losses. The word “ Pension’ is a taxable term and considered as “ Income” as per Indian Tax Laws and the Taxes you will pay on “ Pension “ Policies on accrual would also contribute to value erosion.

Time the market: You have heard of this method but the sheer number of followers make this method is a hands-down winner when it comes to loosing money. Some fleeting glance at the pink newspapers ( aren’t they  so wise after the event whether market falls or goes up ? There is always a reason why it happened ), a ‘ value’ input from a sponsored web-site and an overheard corridor conversation is all it takes for many of us to be predicting the market. This method provides you flexibility and lets you decide how much money to loose.

Let Goals follow the Investments: If you are undecided as to “ Do Goals follow your Investments “ or your “Investments follow the goals” and still wish to loose money, we recommend a First Come and First Go principal.  However, all is not lost. You can still reach GREAT EASTERN and request an appointment for Debt Counseling, an area which has been keeping us more than busy since a few years.

Save Tax, Spend Money: You are stressed, back to your wall and the HR Department is threatening to send you only the salary slip and not the salary for Jan onwards for next 3 months. So what do you do ? Make desperate call to anyone and everyone you know who can help you ‘ save’ tax and lock yourself for years of commitment and possibly products that you don’t need.