Financial Planning and Private Wealth Management

Once you reach a certain level of financial success, the financial opportunities available to you need more focused attention. Formal financial plan is a long-term strategy that aims to create and maintain your wealth, protect it and manage it throughout your life, no matter what you aim to achieve in life and no matter how much money you earn. Developing a comprehensive financial plan, however, requires time and extensive knowledge - not only of your own personal financial affairs, but of broader investment and financial issues as well. The long-term nature of your relationship with your wealth planner is vital. It takes time to get to know you and gain a true understanding of your personal situation, as well as the financial plans and structures you already have in place. And it also takes time to build a complete picture of your vision for the future Ė cutting through complexity to create and implement robust, integrated financial strategies that will deliver the lifestyle you desire.

Most people are not aware of the amount of money they would need to maintain the desired lifestyle after retirement and rarely do we meet people who fully understand the financial products that flood the market and know the full benefits of the varied schemes owned by them. You would feel that retirement is a long way to go and there is ample time and enough resources to save for the years to come. But how many of us take into account the time value of money, inflation etc while making seemingly fool-proof plans of a happy retirement, world tour and holiday home after the age of 60 ? Our expectations from the money we own are high, so what? So is our potential to earn, right? But arenít we all very busy people, where is the time to sit and apply science and mathematics to make carefully drawn future financial plans. Arenít we too busy working for the money to even think about making our money work for us. Let us quickly come to the outcome then, people usually either end up lowering their expectations or landing up in mess of loans and debt as they near the age of 55. The wonderful plans of glorious thirties seem like distant dreams now because you failed to account for those medical expenses or the salary cuts due to the unforeseen recession etc.

What are we ĎThe Financial Plannersí with all our fancy degrees, expertise and experience there for ? In short, to make sure YOU reach all your financial goals timely and manage your wealth in way that you donít need to worry about financial issues ever again. And thatís not all, the relationships we have are built for a life-time and our family-office program would ensure a review and repositioning as per changing economic and life-style situations.