GREAT EASTERN is a Financial planning organsation and specialises in aggregating wealth management portfolios.

Since early days, we have been fascinated with the idea of creating a free repository where anyone and anywhere can access and locate his or her island of excellence in the sea of finance that surrounds us. Ever since the formative years, the challenge to provide free access and still keep the efforts free of advertisements has been intense and the time of you reading this, we have managed to do so. This has been a critical aspect when it comes to an absolutely equity neutral approach in our research and analysis. We do not make comparison charts or excel sheets as we feel that all products have their unique applications and there is a user of every product and service. We earn our salaries and pay the rent of our various offices from the fee you pay when you use our Investment and Wealth Management Services. The products serviced are across all of Financial Services bandwidth. Our Code of Conduct bars us from any marketing campaigns, mailers or any product based promotion and are only focused on what may be best for our clients and specific mandates. As a matter of practice, we never advertise and never accept advertisements.