Learning and Development initiatives

GREAT EASTERN is governed by GREAT EASTERN Board which has imminent members with years of professional experience. We have a very strict code of conduct, corporate governance besides high ethical standards. Our well furnished offices offer ample growth opportunities and we also know how to balance work-life. GREAT EASTERN provides a work environment that allows employees the opportunity to contribute to the best of their abilities. Your trust and our responsibility go hand in hand. That’s why we are dedicated to earning that trust through responsible stewardship of our most valuable resources. We foster an ethical, responsible workplace that empowers our people to grow professionally and promotes collaboration and diversity to fuel innovation. We strive to build vital communities through dedication of our time and resources. And we are committed to sustainable activities, products and services. We create a safe and secure environment for all employees and applicable third parties through compliance with environmental and safety rules and regulations. Any type of discrimination, harassment or workplace violence has zero tolerance.

We believe performance is the key to success. Performance Coaching and Counseling in the form of Mentorship has helped us build a very fair and transparent work environment that decides your position only on merits/credits and not by other superfluous factors.

Clearly defined key result areas (KRAs) and targets are assigned to each role. Training and development needs of employees are aligned with Organisation growth and goals across all levels. GREAT EASTERN is a strict pay-for-performance culture and the largest parameter is the client satisfaction. Employees’ quarterly and annual performance is basis of compensation and we reward good performance in form of Performance Based Variable Pay (PBV) and annual increment/promotions to higher roles and responsibilities.