The Brand GREAT EASTERN is a Roman Pillar with GREAT EASTERN written on top two front facing sides. The Logo and Line “In business of trust……..” is patent protected by the laws of the state and the country we operate in. The blue color denotes spread of our services; the grey is denoting the skills and quality we aim to provide while the green color is our contribution to the environment and the community. and preserving ecology. The Pillar denotes the stability and confidence. The unfinished line in form of small dots at end of ‘In business of trust…….’ denotes a continuing relationship. The following Brand Values and Principles are accepted by all who represent GREAT EASTERN :

  1. Client is the first and only reason for our existence.Everything stops when a client request comes.
  2. Ethics, as basic principles
  3. Education, learning’s and experience as a continuous journey to help our clients
  4. Process Adherence and self zero-tolerance on Corporate Governance Principles
  5. Integrity. Trust is made from scratch in every meeting.....entire life, broken only once.
  6. Responsibility
  7. Confidentiality
  8. The respect for Laws and Regulations
  9. The respect from majority of clients from work that we do
  10. The love for work we do and appreciation of others in team. Encourage dissent.
  11. The effort to save and invest for everyone who loves his/her family and children
  12. The will to be productive and participative
  13. Punctuality
  14. Keeping life simple in every meeting with clients, colleagues and families.
  15. Thinking BIG !