About You

To most of us coming to a Financial Planning Company is as dreadful and unnecessary as going for an Executive Health Check Up. I am healthy, do back-to-back meetings, doing well, have the highest tier Miles Card from the Airlines and have mastered the art of handling any amount of work avalanche......why do I need to go for an executive Health Check Up? I am positive that the doctor would come put with vague reasons as to what does he foresee 10 years down the line and tell me things I donít want to know. He is likely to put me on a diet, ask me to run around the house for half an hour daily and ask me to sleep early while the best programs are on late night TV. Why bother when everything is great otherwise? Worse, he will charge me money for this. What a kill joy.

We promise to be no different. It is a Financial Health Check Up. We will tell you all that may be well and all that may not be. We save your time in our meeting as our Financial Planners are trained and certified to ask the right and few questions. It takes around a week for our Research to do a detailed due diligence of all your investments, understand the financial goals they lead to and to draw out a future investments vs. market value by using the PERT and CPM technique. Our academic background, experience, expertise, wide presence, technology, investments in proprietary CRM and asset management tools, safe servers and domain knowledge helps us arrive at a current and proposed financial cash flow model. Somewhere in the financial report, we also provide a single page view of all your investments till now, their current market values and an advisory on each, if required. We will construct a new Portfolio of any financial product(s) on request and simply help you achieve financial peace of mind. In case you later subscribe to our unique Wealth Management Platform Excalibur and our proprietary Portfolio Management Platform Samurai, you can also view your entire Portfolio, anytime from anywhere in the world and can also make any commercial change through us.

You may consider us as having outsourced all your Financial Planning needs under one roof and we will remind, arrange pick-ups and do all the running around so that all the investments are always in place and you are always aware as to what and why is happening to them. And yes, like the executive Heath Check Up, we also charge money! Handling your own finances is not all that complex as Financial Planning Companies would like you to believe. All you need is a couple of hours per day reading the newspapers, watching financial channels, following thematic movements, general global and domestic economy and some other financial pointers. The truth is that you can do all of this yourself but you have other things to do. In case you havenít noticed already, we have nothing else to do.

You are likely to be:

  • Married
  • From early 30s to late 50s, in a fortunate financial position and want to maximise this opportunity
  • Not necessarily worried but concerned about the future. Will it always be so good?
  • Someone people respect for your professional skills and you respect others'.
  • Acknowledging that skills are not free and you know the value of your skills. These may not always go to the highest bidder but surely to one who appreciates and acknowledges them.
  • Believer that wealth is a default output for doing well in professional life. This time is to do well and work for future. I will do my job and let someone I trust make sure that the hard work results in a purpose, strategy and direction for my wealth in a professional way. I am aware that priorities for financial planning changes with age and personal circumstances. And you would be happy to work with a Life Time Financial Planner.
  • Conscious that your family would not remember you for all the Power Point Presentation you made late nights when they waited for you to come home.
  • Would wish to rediscover that Apple and Blackberry are fruits too.
  • You go for an Executive Health Check-Up once in two years.